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Important advisement for Santa Clara County commercial property owners and property managers

Hi, I am Bill Snyder CPA of Shannon & Snyder CPAs in San Jose, California.  Our firm has helped HUNDREDS of commercial property owners save THOUSANDS of dollars on their taxes. 

I regularly work with property appeal boards throughout California.  County appraisers aren’t always inclined to give you a reduction, let alone the largest one possible. Time and time again I see property owners accepting the appeals board assessed value when I know the true assessed value should be much lower. 

Based upon my years of experience, I put together this free report to help you understand the appeals process, the obstacles at hand, and to help you maximize your property tax refund.  With that said, most property managers would benefit highly from having an expert handle the appeal process.

My free report reveals much more..

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County appraisers rely on CoStar data for property valuation.  DON'T - without verifying the data.

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The biggest mistake people make when they try to do this whole thing on their own?

How the market has changed in California in the last several years

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Why working with Shannon & Snyder will increase a property owner’s chance of success in the appeals process?

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Read our special report to understand your options - BUT WHY GO IT ALONE? 

Rarely do our clients even have to talk with the appeals board. We handle it all for you so that you need not take time off of your business or job to handle the bureaucracy, research, and paperwork. 

Mention code APPFEE4FREE and we will pay (or rebate) your appraisal application fee with your engagement. Plus NO Savings = NO Fee = NO Risk!

Santa Clara Commercial Property Owners or Property Managers

While we offer commercial property tax appeal service throughout California, if you own commercial property in Santa Clara and still have a high vacancy rates, low rents, or just feel you are paying too much in taxes – you really need to speak to us.  

Shannon & Snyder is not afraid of County Assessors and will take them on before the Assessment Appeals Board (AAB) - YOU DO NOT even have to be present at the appeal!

"We engaged engaged Shannon & Snyder to reduce the assessed value of our 87,000 square foot light manufacturing building in Fremont.  With a 2012 assessed value of $13,100,000, the assessor put on a case to the Appeals Board at $9,500,000. SSCPA got it reduced another 4 million!"

"I have been successfully practicing law for close to 50 years, but know nothing about taxes. I saw Bill Snyder’s advertisement, and it seemed to be a no-brainer – nothing to lose – and so I thought I would give it a try. He not only saved me future taxes but obtained a refund of about $10,000 on several of my properties. I simply signed the retainer agreement, talked to him briefly on the telephone, forgot about it about a year later had several very pleasant surprises and checks in the mail."

- Peter C. , Attorney


Here is a partial list of REFUNDS achieved for our clients in Santa Clara County:

  • Santa Clara County office building: $22,789
  • Santa Clara County RV retail: $30,041
  • Santa Clara County : No transfer of ownership in commercial office building occurred at death, so property taxes paid of $117,000 were refunded!

What types of property are good candidates for a property tax reassessment?

We can help you appeal your property tax assessed values on the following types of properties: Office, Retail/Strip Malls, R&D, Vacant Land – all types, Apartments, Industrial, Car Dealers, Gas Stations, Mobile Home Parks, and more…

If you never filed a tax appeal - this is a great video introduction (5 mins): Commercial Property Tax Appeal Process in California

An interview with Bill Snyder CPA of Shannon & Snyder, San Jose. Understanding the commercial property tax appeal process in California (aka, how to save thousands on your tax bill).

County Information

Santa Clara appeal deadline:  September 15

County of Santa Clara - Office of the Assessor Website:

Santa Clara 2014 Application for Changed Assessment (PDF)

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